Representatives of the Krio Descendants Union at its request Monday 22nd June, 2020 constructively engaged the municipality management of the Freetown City Council (FCC) on the continuing property rates, business and license restructuring at the council’s office on Wallace Johnson Street in Freetown.

The three hours fruitful discussion addressed concerns raised by the union and provided clarifications about FCC’s property rates and business license reforms, as the council reiterated commitments towards continuous engagements with residents of Freetown to ensure that misconceptions about the new system is properly clarified.

Speaking during the discussion Her Worship Mayor of Freetown, Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr underscored the significance of property rates reform saying that; “it is a fundamental change in the basis of valuing properties which resulted in some property rates increasing whilst many others decreased.”

She said property rates system has not been reviewed for over decades adding that FCC has not been able to effectively deliver the services its residents want, from maintenance of Freetown’s eleven cemeteries to provision of adequate numbers of sanitary inspectors among other municipality services.

Also capture by the discussion was the need for a policy for pensioners and those with extenuating circumstances. Consideration is also being given by FCC to further extending this year’s due date and a notice will be communicated in due course.