By Alhaji Dauda

Three Senior Lecturers of the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM), University of Sierra Leone, belonging to the Faculty of Management Sciences, on the 17th February 2021, made a watershed or history in the field of Academia in Sierra Leone  as they authored four (4) key books that were launched in just one single day thereby putting Sierra Leone’s educational stride or advancement on the African map and on a higher pedestal.

The launching, which took at the African Young Voices (AYV) Multi Complex Auditorium, on Wesley Street in Freetown attracted academicians and individuals from all walks of life.

Speaking at the launching Dr.  Ezekiel Kalvin Duramany Lakkoh, the Dean of the Faculty of Management Sciences, who also happens to be one of the authors of the four books, revealed that they were well prepared for the book launch.

He underscored that this is not the first book that has been authored by lecturers of IPAM but stated that the only difference is that four will be launched at one go.

He furthered that they have been launching different educational books in the past and assured that they will continue to launch more books in years to come in order to avail students the appropriate learning materials that will aid them to pass exams with ease. He affirmed that they are determined to continue to shape the lives and thinking faculties of students offering courses in Management Sciences in Sierra Leone.

Dr. Lakkoh revealed to this Press the titles of the books. The first, he said is titled: “The Effect of Fiscal Policy and Private Investment in Sierra Leone”–Sierra Leone Writers Series ( SLWS) authored by him. The second book has the title of “Sierra Leone Private Investment and Financial Sector Development Trends and Statistics–iUniverse USA” again authored by him.

He holds a CIMA, PhD, M.Phil, MA degrees and various Certificates from other Universities across the globe. He maintained that they will continue to inspire young lecturers to follow their footsteps in writing books and publishing that will help to shape the thinking of others.

Rd. Jesse Porter , another Senior Lecturer and immediate past Dean of the Faculty of Management Sciences,  who is the author of the third book, in giving an insight into his book, stated that it is titled “Sub-Saharan African Immigrants in the United States: A Narrative Inquiry of Their Assimilation Experiences into Mainstream American Society” ( SLWS).

He highlighted that there is a key immigrational history that African-Americans need to know which is why he decided to write on the subject matter.

“English Language & Communication Skills–A reference Guide for First-Year College Students” ( SLWS) by Mrs Michaela Denison-George was the fourth book that was launched and it is centred on building the communication skills of students entering the University.

The only lady author, among the men, said there is the need for students to be proficient in the English Language which is the main reason why she decided to publish such a book.

According to her communication is key in all facets of life adding that with the published book it will help shape the thinking and broaden the horizon of students coming to the university. She also maintained that the book is not just good for students but people in different places of work because communication, she emphasized, is paramount in all areas of operation of the day.

Professor Nonie, Deputy Vice Chancellor and Head of IPAM, said he is thrilled by the performance of the lecturers of IPAM maintaining that he will always give them his support to ensure that IPAM continues to hit the mark. He said gender is key at IPAM  which is why they have a  Senior Female Lecturer who will serve as an inspiring tool for female students of the University.

On his part, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Sierra Leone, Professor Foday Sahr said it is a great moment for the University stating that IPAM has manifested a great achievement and went on to admonish other lecturers to follow the footsteps of the three Senior Lecturers. He furthered that in academia you either publish or you perish.

Professor Osman Sankoh alias Mallam O, who doubles as the Head of the Sierra Leone Writers Series (SLWS), congratulated the lecturers saying they will continue to provide the platform and give support for Sierra Leoneans to produce more books. He noted that the lack of the platform in the past was a major impediment why Sierra Leoneans were not writing and publishing books in the country.

The keynote address was delivered by a representative of the Minister of Higher and Technical Education.

Launching of the four books formed the climax of the program.