Sierra Leoneans the world all over want Covid-19 to end and be completely eradicated from the country through whichever means government put in place to save lives, not to take more lives in the name of containing the spread of the pandemic, then only waiting for the arrival of vaccines that are now being forcefully imposed on the people. That even very well people are urged to be vaccinated.   

How applicable is that for everybody to be vaccinated when in fact not everybody is sick. As said in a line in of song by one of Nigerian’s popular artist, Tekno; “I nor dae sick, nor gee mi medicine” meaning he is not sick and don’t give him medicine; not all Sierra Leoneans are really sick of Covid-19. So Mr Government and vaccinators across the country, let us learn from the lessons of PCMH and from the families of a celebrated Fullah business man’s mistakes. These are Sierra Leone’s latest victims of the Covid-19. Others must take caution!    

Preventive measures are being undertaken in so many countries through vaccinations but not as forceful as in Sierra Leone, where the process has now stands as a law that everybody should be vaccinated and if people refuse to be vaccinated they can be restricted from accessing their various bank accounts at the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank. This also applied to other public buildings across the country.  

Conversely, with this on going under the full views of human rights and religious organizations, one starts to image what is happening in Sierra Leone’s national efforts in fighting the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic? No need to ask for your obvious whereabouts for you are all aware of what is going on, and raise your voices now to free the people from such human rights violations. You mean the very people you-government claims to be protecting should be forcefully vaccinated without any diagnostic recommendations from any medical specialist? This is unacceptable much as right to life and other human rights are concerned. And rights groups should raise their voices now to free the people from these abuses and violations.      

The quick fix measure of contain the spread of the pandemic has also come to an extent that journalists were on Thursday 24th June, 2021 prevented from accessing the Ministry of Information and Communications news conference and other public offices at Youyi Building for failure to take the vaccine. The securities at the lifts couldn’t allow people to access the facility without Covid-19 vaccination card. All done to forcefully impose Covid-19 vaccinations on the people of Sierra Leone, when certain government functionaries have long clued people around them about their individual doubts about the realities and the very existence of the pandemic in Sierra Leone.

These doubts were backed by public workers’ very refusals to mask up, drivers persistent overloading of transports, deliberate refusals to abide by preventive and precautionary protocols such as hand washing, uses of hand sanitizers and by extension their flagrant violations of social distancing regulations, which government has been viewing all these while without a single word of caution. Classic example is the recent reception accorded the national team, Leone Stars as if it no longer the responsibility of government to contain the spread of the pandemic.

For all we know here at Forum, it is government’s constitutional responsibility to have contained the spread of the pandemic as a matter of legitimacy, but not obligatory of every citizen to subscribe to the ‘killer’ vaccine. It is not happening so in other countries, even where you have worse cases of infections and wider spread of the pandemic. People are allowed to wish to take the vaccine or not, rather than it being forcefully impose on people as it is now in Sierra Leone. Government acting that way is like taking people to their early graves in the name of combating the spread Covid-19 pandemic. People should be allowed to choose from taking it, or not, as it is happening in other parts of the world.

There is no law that states that compel people be placed on medication even if they are physically, mentally well. The Covid-19 vaccination campaign might not meet certain people with any signs and symptoms of Covid-19, but the campaigners would want to administer the vaccine on them against their wishes. That to some extent is gross violations of peoples’ rights, especially so when a health worker-midwife late Elenor of PCMH and a Fullah business man around central Freetown have died after taking the vaccines. Yet health authorities through government continue to force people to take the vaccine, failure or refusal with lead to restriction from doing business with government and government institutions. This is unimaginable for a whole democratically elected administration to be treating its people in such a way.

Ebola can and gone but not with such despotic manner of containment laws. The idea of imposing the Covid-19 vaccinations on the people of Sierra Leone is a gross human rights violation especially on those who have no signs and symptoms of Covid-19.

How can you administer drugs on somebody with no ailments, and going by records of unfolding events around the Covid-19 vaccination process in Freetown so far, so many people are of the views and opinions that the drugs are meant to take the lives of people considering the deaths of the Fullah business around central Freetown and the PCMH health worker, late Madam Elenor. May their gentle souls continue to rest in perfect peace.

That is why it is considered as deliberate violations of the rights of the people that without vaccination certificate nobody will access public buildings neither do business any government or public office in the country.

The facts remain that vaccinations are on-going in United Kingdom, United States and other countries with severe infection cases than Sierra Leone, but their governments have never force vaccinations on their people as we are doing now in Sierra Leone.

Why always Sierra Leone opens up to bad examples against the very people that voted the government.

One expects that anything coming from government it must be done in consultation with the masses making sure that it is in the best interests of people, not against their wishes and aspirations as the Covid-19 vaccinations is trending on with forceful immunizations of people even those with no coronavirus infections. That is not good and something must be done forestall it now.

And for the authorities, your leadership assignments should have better focused on containing the spread of the pandemic, through the appropriate health agencies and departments to do their works at all levels, instead of imposing wicked and forceful vaccinations on people. 

However, medical research findings from countries with advance medical technologies, referencing the United Kingdom and Canada that Covid-19 vaccinations have multiple health implications and after effects; ranging from internal bleedings, enlargements of the hearts, menopause, kidney failures, to name just the few. And to Sierra Leone opting to be vaccinated should be very mindful of the immediate after effects of the Covid-19 vaccinations. Hence government shouldn’t have imposed forceful vaccinations on the people of Sierra Leone learning smartly from the life lessons of the two victims.