A Sierra Leonean actor based in the United States of America, Brian A. Conteh, started his acting career with the Sierra Theatre Production Company in the US.

Conteh’s first performances were done at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and Culture in Washington DC, Warner Theatre in Washington DC, Voice of America Auditorium, in Washington DC, and Lee Center in Virginia.

Brian A. Conteh has transitioned his skills from that of a stage plays to a Nollywood movie industry actor and has so far been starred with several big Nollywood stars. He has also done movies in Nigeria, Mexico and Senegal.

Brian A. Conteh has also won two prestigious awards in Los Angeles and in Mexico. He is now in Hollywood and has been cast in one of Hollywood’s best TV series (The Walking Dead), in which he was landed a role to play as one of the college professors and ends up as a Zombie with one of Hollywood’s finest (Julia Ormond) who has done movies with (Brad Pitt) (Harrison Ford) and host of other actors. He has also been featured in several Hollywood movies which are expected to be out soonest.

Conteh’s latest movie is currently on HBOMAX (We Own this City), were he played as one of the drug dealers on this series. Viewers should also watch out for other movies Brian A. Conteh who is being featured with one of Hollywood’s biggest actors and comedians, (Chris Rock) and also (Adam Sandler) in a different movie.

He has also been cast in (Dopesick), with Michael Keaton, (Batman) and be on the lookout for other great featured films and television series, in all of which Brian A. Conteh is lifting Sierra Leone flag to the highest peak in the entertained industry.